Power of Creativity 

We know that art projects can help provide an opportunity for community growth,beauty and unity.  Of One Body works with all age groups and various community agencies across the globe to accomplish this goal.

Pacific Northwest Fine Artist, O1B Art Director and C Art Gallery Curator

Eric D. Salisbury works on Olympic Games Mural in Luton, UK

A combination of pride for country, athletic challenge and unity is the catalyst for a mural being created by Pacific Northwest Artist Eric D. Salisbury in Luton, UK.  Salisbury was contacted by a a group in London to develop the mural project early this year. 
This is one of several projects developed and completed by Salisbury that promotes unity and teambuilding through art.  Community members especially youth of all ages are recruited to paint several panels designed by Salisbury to be hung in a highly visible location as a reminder of how art can bring people of all nations together.




Eric Salisbury, Art Director

Fine Artist Eric D. Salisbury works to develop art projects that engage young and old and provides community unity, beauty and opportunities to learn.  Salisbury has worked with youth groups, schools, corporations and nonprofit organizations developing murals and short term learning projects.  His career expands over two decades and his art graces walls, buildings and homes worldwide.  He is a graduate of Otis Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, California.  Eric donates his time to Of One Body programs to share his gifts and contribute to our mission of making the world better one body at a time.