Power of the Word

Power of the Word changes lives.  O1B hosts discussions and performances with an emphasis on the written and spoken word and its impact on humanity.  We provide speakers and resource materials on various topics that address life challenges.

One Love Program combines the Power and Spirit of the Word

Our first outreach and fundraising event brought over 120 people to the Langston Hughes Performing Art Institute in Seattle to hear from local and national spoken word artists about their struggles and how their faith plays an important role in their lives.  The program helped us connect with young artists who have a passion for service and further confirmed our belief that we must engage youth in the work we do.

We will be working with some of the participants in the future to develop a fall One Love program and support their goals to continue to serve the community.

Photo right:  Mike Fujimoto performs at One Love Urban Poetic Expereince

From the Streets of Compton to the Prince of Peace 

Eric D. Salisbury Sr.



Of One Body is accepting reservations for Artist, Speaker, Teacher and Evangelist Eric D. Salisbury Sr. as part of our Power and Spirit of the Word series. 

Born in Los Angeles and reared in Compton, California the oldest of five children Eric was exposed to violence, death and racism throughout his childhood and young adult life. His love for art and athletics helped focus his time and attention away from the streets and into a career as a professional artist and instructor.  He shares his story of life before and after Christ and how dancing at the clubs turned into witnessing in the clubs.

We encourage you to contact us at ofonebody@gmail.com to learn more about Eric and to schedule a visit to your church, organization or workplace for a successful, engaging community program or workshop. 

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If you have the gift of speech with an emphasis on promoting a positive lifestyle, we encourage you to send your bio, jpeg, including a list of past speaking engagements and publications to ofonebody@gmail.com to be considered for our speakers bureau.